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Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
and presidential elections next year. up. syrian government helicopter stumped off explosives on the rebel held town near the northern city of london one in two separate attacks on but the kind since the poms makes them intended targets resulting in the deaths of at least fifty people. a report from the purchase price syrian of the tree making them relates strikes months we sometime on sunday near a bite to eat in the town of al cop killing at least twenty four people syrian state media said government forces killed ten weeks which is our latest on combat boots like to thanks president assad sites room it's the kind i was asked a similar bombing. army helicopters talk to the ripple compound in our company sent on to expand its market leading twenty six people. umpire to tyson's the army used the soap bottle bombs containing hundreds of pounds of explosives. in a deal with. what was i. and as great a picture in the british capital for the past few years and every year in its construction it's two hours of back breaking work to make sure every piece is in its place without getting that next week
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
to allow the presidential elections in april twenty fourteen there are concerns that without an agreement afghan forces could struggle to cope with the ongoing taliban islamist militant insurgency following the al qaeda inspired beyond eleven attacks on new york and the painted in the us and its allies invaded but the drop and afghanistan america's two thousand three attack on iraq led to the demise of dictator saddam hussein was two thousand and one afghan invasion resulted in the collapse of the hardline taliban regime in view. thus taking some epic it is time to add to its nuances to dish up the nation nt at the manx on the senate great to get beads was a comic a day and acting like a giant menorah at one of the continent's nice just teaches stopping seen since how to set everything to be separate from the kit so that the kids are great but makes it so that it is a miracle each other because in the eighteen week twenty thirty years people read this and feel. today you have people living with religious freedom to debate the way we set a break on the case outside so that is pretty choppy
Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
a million muslims especially with the general election less than two years away. us senator john mccain has traveled to tripoli to welcome the prime minister ali is a tough place to track down those responsible for the deaths of four americans in the twenty twelve and kasey kahne split attack while those behind the attack remain unpunished stayed on till the senator that investigations will resume as soon as the security situation in batangas in groups in gaza continues to experience a wave of violence from our minds armed militant groups two years after the revolution which saw the demise of more adoptees forty two year rule. we can confirm that the us pledge to train libyan troops and the stability can only be achieved outside aid the attack on the us embassy and in gauzy attracted much attention and criticism for its inconsistency. witness accounts conflict with the version released by the us. questions remain and what really happened on the night to temper eleven points while president obama and his administration has been criticized for being out of time it took them to acknowledge the
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
elections next year . that is the history syrian border on friday evening with reports that the coolest bikes but is it is intended to top it is repeat defense unit that was patrolling the border. idf officials say. me in age to attack marks the first episode since the syrian civil war began and to deliberately target the israeli army at the border with explosives syrian someone who has also seen his lead was queuing up with gas masks in recent months as fiasco that nobody has done for other business units and groups that advocate the destruction of tame temple pilots who went and stood to speak against israel. this might be raised fuel hoses to use reiki national security the jewish nation has been treating hundreds of victims in the body to the conference which is already claimed one hundred thousand riots according to the un . the in times of budget cuts on defense spending even lawmakers are still enough pressure on member states to tighten military cooperation european parliament as hurts the leaders meeting in brussels this month to take scheduled talks on a defense very seriously
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)